Personalised Positive Affirmation Stone Pebbles – Set of 3


Set of 3 hand-painted personalised stone affirmation pebbles – choose your own colours, borders and affirmations from a list of options.

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Choose your own combination of 3 hand-painted stone pebbles with positive affirmations to make a personalised set for your needs. These also make a lovely gift for a friend or loved one.

  1. Choose from any of the colours in the pictures – each pebble can be a different colour.
  2. Choose from any border style in the picture – each pebble can have a different border.
  3. Choose from any of the affirmations in the list below.

Please type your affirmations with your chosen colour and the border for each pebble in the notes section at the checkout.

e.g. Pebble 1 – pink – dots – Affirmation 6

Please get in touch by email if you are looking for a larger set of pebbles or a bulk wholesale order of pebbles.

Pebbles are wrapped individually in tissue paper and are presented in an organza bag. Please note as these are hand-painted, colour and style may vary slightly.

Pebbles are roughly 4 – 6cm wide each – size may vary.

Free UK delivery.

Affirmation list:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. I believe in myself
  3. Stay true to yourself
  4. I stay true to myself
  5. Be your own beautiful self
  6. You have so much to give to this world
  7. I have so much to give to this world
  8. You are a priceless, limited edition
  9. I am a priceless, limited edition
  10. You are loved
  11. I am loved
  12. You are a one of a kind treasure
  13. I am a one of a kind treasure
  14. You are enough
  15. I am enough
  16. You matter
  17. I matter
  18. You make a difference
  19. I make a difference
  20. Show gratitude for your blessings
  21. I show gratitude for my blessings
  22. You are strong
  23. I am strong
  24. You are brave
  25. I am brave
  26. You are doing your best
  27. I am doing my best
  28. Harness your strength
  29. I harness my strength
  30. Harness your courage
  31. I harness my courage
  32. Use your wings to fly
  33. I use my wings to fly
  34. Time to soar
  35. Choose freedom over fear
  36. I choose freedom over fear
  37. Show yourself kindness
  38. I show myself kindness
  39. Show yourself compassion
  40. I show myself compassion
  41. Be kind and gentle with yourself
  42. I am kind and gently with myself
  43. Make things manageable
  44. I make things manageable
  45. Make things achievable
  46. I make things achievable
  47. Take the first step
  48. I take the first step
  49. Completed is more important than perfect
  50. Take one step at a time
  51. I take one step at a time
  52. You can do this
  53. You can do this
  54. Ground yourself fully
  55. I ground myself fully
  56. Slow down and simplify
  57. I slow down and simplify
  58. Pause and breathe
  59. I pause and breathe
  60. Inhale calm exhale tension
  61. I inhale calm I exhale tension
  62. Inhale peace exhale tension
  63. I inhale peace I exhale tension
  64. Breathe deeply
  65. I breathe deeply
  66. Focus on the present moment
  67. I focus on the present moment
  68. Focus on the now
  69. I focus on the now
  70. Nourish your mind, body and soul
  71. I nourish my mind, body and soul
  72. Nourish to flourish
  73. I nourish to flourish
  74. Allow time to rest and renew
  75. I allow time to rest and renew
  76. Allow yourself to be still
  77. I allow myself to be still
  78. Connect with your breath
  79. I connect with my breath
  80. Find sanctuary in silence
  81. I find sanctuary in silence
  82. Ground your roots
  83. I ground my roots
  84. Create space for your needs
  85. I create space for my needs
  86. Pay attention to what your body needs
  87. I pay attention to what my body needs
  88. Do something you love
  89. I do something I love
  90. Nourish your soul
  91. I nourish my soul
  92. Make time for sacred self-care
  93. I make time for sacred self-care
  94. Do something which lights you up
  95. I do something which lights me up
  96. Choose peace and fiercely guard it
  97. I choose peace and fiercely guard it
  98. Choose peace
  99. I choose peace
  100. Let go of drama and responsibility which isn’t yours
  101. I let go of drama and responsibility which isn’t mine
  102. You can say no
  103. I can say no
  104. Stand in your power
  105. I stand in my power
  106. Be your own hero
  107. I can be my own hero
  108. Trust yourself
  109. I trust myself
  110. Create a life you love
  111. I am creating a life that I love
  112. Create your own happiness
  113. I create my own happiness
  114. Create your own sunshine
  115. I create my own sunshine
  116. Choose happy
  117. I choose happiness
  118. Create boundaries to protect your peace
  119. I create boundaries to protect my peace
  120. Trust the Universe
  121. I trust the Universe
  122. Be open to receive
  123. I am open to receive
  124. Surrender and let go
  125. I surrender and let go
  126. Allow abundance to flow
  127. I allow abundance to flow
  128. Let go of what you can’t control
  129. I let go of what I can’t control
  130. This too shall pass


Keep away from children and pets. Do not ingest. Do not place near naked flames. Pebbles are not sealed to avoid a shiny finish – indoor use only – not waterproof.

Please note due to the nature of personalised pebbles, they will not be able to be shipped immediately.