‘Calm and Mindful’ Positive Affirmation & Mindful Cards – Set of 15


‘Calm and Mindful’ Positive Affirmation & Mindful Cards – Set of 15

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Set of 15 cards with positive affirmations and mindfulness activities to help you manage anxiety and worry, and bring you into the present moment. Perfect for carrying with you in your bag or wallet. These also make a lovely gift for a friend or loved one.

These cards are printed from my original watercolour art, inspired by the sea.

15 cards:

  • You are not your thoughts and feelings
  • Separate what is actually happening with what your mind is telling you is happening
  • Choose not to follow a thought which steals your inner peace
  • Thoughts and feelings are not facts
  • Thoughts and feelings are just temporarily passing through – Acknowledge and accept them without judgment or resistance
  • 54321 – mindfulness exercise
  • Let go of what you can’t control – surrender – let it be – accept
  • Name the emotion you are feeling and breathe it out
  • Soothe and nourish yourself with self-care and rest
  • Treat yourself with kindness
  • This will pass
  • Take three deep breaths
  • Count ten things you are grateful for
  • Inhale peace. Exhale peace. Visualise peace expanding around your body
  • Scan your body and soften areas of tension

Cards are presented in a black box. Box size is 92 x 61 x 17mm. Card size is 84mm x 55mm – 350gsm.

The back of the cards show the Tiny Acorn logo.

Please email if you have bulk/wholesale enquiries.

Please note the frames, wall hangers and props shown in the photos are for display purposes only.


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