Nourish your soul. Do what lights you up. Embrace creativity. Choose peace.

Hi I’m Louise – welcome to Tiny Acorn Mighty Oak

After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2015, my dad took me to his art class to try to distract me! I’d always been very crafty but art was new to me and I fell in love with painting!

My art, which at first was simply a creative release and a place where my everyday worries could be forgotten, soon turned into a creative sanctuary to heal and find pure joy! It made me feel more secure in myself and grounded.  Stronger. Positive. It nourished my soul and lit me up.  It became more about what I could achieve with my life, not what I could not do.

On my journey to wellness, I realised that even though my life had changed to adapt with my condition, I knew I needed to do whatever I could to ensure I was living a life that I loved, doing things that lit me up and embracing as much creativity in my everyday life to nourish my soul. I was, and still am, determined to turn the curve ball of my illness into something positive.

I truly believe that we all have the innate inner strength of the mighty oak and with lots of little steps (tiny acorns!), we can achieve anything we set our minds to and create a life that we love.

I hope that my art and writing can inspire and support you to nourish yourself and embrace your creativity.  Step by step, day by day, from tiny acorn to mighty oak. 


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