Inspire: How to celebrate and honour being unique

How to celebrate and honour being unique

I want to encourage you to take a minute today to celebrate and honour the beautiful vessel that is your body. Our bodies work so hard for us and often all we do is focus on what we’re not happy with.

Before my illness, I used to spend time worrying about wobbly bits and cellulite but now I’m so grateful that my body is working properly again and is healing, that I try to be consciously grateful for each day that I wake up when my body is pain free and energised. I also try to practise kindness and compassion towards my body. Looking back, I completely took my healthy, functioning body for granted when I was younger.  If the body self-doubt does creep in, I divert my focus onto all the incredible processes and functions that my body has done today to allow me to breathe, walk, eat and much more!

If today’s not a good day with your health, thank your body for doing the best it can do, be compassionate with yourself and give your body what it needs to help restore you. I think there is often a sense of anger or frustration when you are struggling with your health – physically or mentally – and maybe also unfairness. I felt this very strongly when I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis but as time has gone on I’ve learnt to acknowledge those feelings and accept that right now I’m not feeling good but it will pass and I’m going to try to treat my body with kindness. This has really helped because I’m not fighting my body (and there is enough fighting going on internally with an auto-immune condition!) and the negative feelings pass more quickly without the resistance. I try to remember that my body can only work with what I give it, which is why nourishing our bodies with healthy food, movement, self-care and love is so important.

The same applies to our minds and souls – what we know, have learnt (both in terms of knowledge and experience), have read, our passions and what lights us up are all completely unique to us. Nobody else has had the exact experiences and life lessons that you have had. Even though it’s sometimes incredibly hard, I have been working on trying to own my story rather than regret, dismiss or deny what has happened in the past. By realising that it’s often the tough experiences and challenges that have helped to shape who I am, and have given me my strength, my empathy and my ability to connect with other people, helps me to see my story in a new light.

What makes you who you are – your personality, your sense of humour, your talents and abilities – all form a very unique package, which no-one else in the world can replicate. There is a strong focus, particularly on social media, to foster a sense of comparison, which then often leads to feelings of unworthiness. Why would you want to be anyone other than you? As the saying goes, everyone else is taken! Rather than trying to be a carbon copy of someone else, why not start to celebrate you and all your wonderful quirks, passions, skills and qualities?


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