Fodder School 3 – Barb Smucker

Barb Smucker Fodder School 3 Abstract Collage

Fodder School 3 is a year-long online mixed media art course with a different artist teaching each month, which you can join anytime. For the first half of each month, you learn mixed media techniques to make different types of fodder, which you then use in the second half of the month to create an exciting project so by the end of the year, you have 12 beautiful projects and a huge toolkit of mixed media techniques! Follow along with me on my Fodder School Journey!

This month has been another revelation in abstract collage!

The first half of the month was spent gelli printing papers – thinking about solids, neutrals, patterns and transparent papers. For anyone who has done Fodder School 3 without doing Fodder School 2, Barb gave a great recap on colour mixing to create a harmonious palette.

For the second half of the month, we started with some quick abstract collages. Barb gave some great tips and trick to loosen up and let go of the results to start with and then some brilliant lessons on composition and the questions to ask when you’re at the stage of tweaking your collage. These were a great warm up for the main event!

Barb Smucker Fodder School 3 Abstract Collage

Barb Smucker Fodder School 3 Abstract Collage

The main event was creating abstract collages on wooden panels with a totally new method which was very exciting. I honestly wouldn’t have ever thought of this method and it was genius and created really fun final pieces. We put into practice the composition lessons to refine our final collages. Barb also gave me the inspiration and encouragement to be a bit braver with my colour palette. I loved the outcome!

Barb Smucker Fodder School 3 Abstract Collage

Thanks Barb for an eye opening month and a new method for collaging, which I can’t wait to try again!

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