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Fodder School 2 Collage Fodder - Julie Hamilton - Mixed Media Art Online Course

Fodder School 2 is a year-long online mixed media art course with a different artist teaching each month, which you can join anytime. For the first half of each month, you learn mixed media techniques to make different types of fodder, which you then use in the second half of the month to create an exciting project so by the end of the year, you have 12 beautiful projects and a huge toolkit of mixed media techniques! Follow along with me on my Fodder School Journey!

This month has been a revelation in collage and composition. I’ve really fallen in love with abstract collages!

The first half of the month focused on creating papers to use in our project, using lots of new techniques. Julie really pushed me out of my comfort zone this month trying different ways of layering paint, including glazes and thin layers, which created some lovely effects.

In the second half of the month, we used our papers to create abstract collages. Julie is a great teacher and talks through each step of her decision making process so we really get an insight into how she makes her compositional choices. It was helpful to revisit the composition rules but also I had an epiphany, that one of the really important questions was did I love what I’d done. I feel this is a skill that has been hugely strengthened on my Fodder School journey – to make compositional decisions based on joy alongside the rules. Julie also taught us a great trick to check if the composition is balanced along with a completely different way of putting the pieces together.

Before Fodder School, I hadn’t done collage work for years but I’ve really enjoyed the abstract collage months in Fodder School 2 and its definitely something that lights me up and that I want to delve deeper into. I think it’s a testament to Fodder School, where you can try so many different types of mixed media art with brilliant teachers, which ultimately helps you realise what you really love doing, alongside building an incredible toolkit of techniques! Thanks Julie for being truly inspirational!

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