Fodder School 1 – Tiffany Sharpe

Fodder School 1 mixed media art online course Watercolour Mushrooms, Flowers, Rainbows & Creating a Fodder Keeper

Fodder School 1 is a year-long online mixed media art course with a different artist teaching each month, which you can join anytime. For the first half of each month, you learn mixed media techniques to make different types of fodder, which you then use in the second half of the month to create an exciting project so by the end of the year, you have 11 beautiful projects and a huge toolkit of mixed media techniques! Follow along with me on my Fodder School Journey!

This month in Fodder School 1 has been food for the soul! As I come from a craft background and then moved into art, it has meant that Fodder School is the perfect hybrid of mixed media art and projects which fulfill both my loves!

For the first half of the month, we worked on creating watercolour fodder – flowers, mushrooms, rainbows and leaves. The inspiration and techniques were amazing and even though I’ve done a lot of watercolour, I learnt some new methods which produced beautiful results! There was also a beginner’s guide to watercolour at the beginning of the month so it’s perfect for beginners and long time artists! Creating the fodder was such a mindful activity where I could just switch off and lose myself in the art.

The project for the second half of the month was to create a Fodder Keeper to store our Fodder! This excited me greatly!! It was so much fun to paint, stick and sew the book (sewing is optional!) and I absolutely loved putting the book together and then filling it up with my gorgeous new fodder! It really felt like this was extremely nourishing for my soul and during a busy and stressful month, it gave me a lovely sanctuary of peace and creativity.

Tiffany’s beautiful methods and techniques and her contagious enthusiasm made this a brilliant month bringing lots of creative fulfillment.

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