How to work with the moon phases

How to work with the moon phases

The next post in my Inspire series is about working with the moon phases. The moon goes through 8 phases in each cycle, which is roughly 4 weeks long. As the ebb and flow of the moon can have an impact on our mood, energy levels, emotions and much more, it is a really good practice to gently track the moon so that you can work with the energy of the moon phases and help to understand how it impacts you.

The moon cycle starts with the New Moon, when the moon isn’t visible in the night sky. This can be a time of quiet rest, introspective reflection, when you may feel quite tired. This time is associated with new beginnings and setting your intentions for the coming month ahead (often called a New Moon Ritual).

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The moon then waxes (increasing in visibility) – you may find your energy levels increase and you can get more done. This can be a good time to plan or initiate projects and work.

It then reaches the Full Moon – this can be a time where everything is amplified and intensified (especially emotions) and you may feel more energetic and social. It can be a great time for communication and being visible. This phase is also associated with letting go of anything no longer serving you (often called a Full Moon Ritual, along with cleansing your energy and your space).

Moon phases cards

After the Full Moon, the moon starts to wane (reduction in visibility), this can be a time when you feel a little more introspective and may want a slower pace. This can be a good time to complete projects.

The full 8 moon phases are in this order: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent. There are many websites which tell you the current moon phase for the country you are in.

Moon phases set of 8 cards gift box
Moon Phases Set of 8 Cards Gift Box

However, it is important to know that these suggestions on how you may feel or what kind of work may feel right are not an absolute given and this is why tracking the moon phases and keeping a quick note of how you feel (mentally, physically and emotionally) can help you to build your own picture of how the moon phases impact you. It is a great way of practicing self-kindness and mindfulness by acknowledging the moon and how you are feeling without judgement or analysis.

This is why I purposely kept my Moon Phase Cards free of any intentions, affirmations or suggestions so that you are free to experience the phases through your own eyes. For example, in my experience, I often don’t feel particularly energetic or social during a full moon. I also find that my experience with the moon phases changes depending on where I am in my menstrual cycle as the two are closely linked.

The moon phases mirror the menstrual cycle phases, so the New Moon is linked with the Menstrual (Winter) stage; the Waxing Moon is linked with the pre-ovulation follicular (Spring) stage; the Full Moon is linked with the ovulation (summer) stage and the Waning Moon is linked with the premenstrual luteal (Autumn) stage.

If you have a menstrual cycle, it can be really interesting to track the phase of your cycle alongside the phase of the moon as often the phases are out of sync with each other unless your period arrives on a New Moon. For example, when you are in your menstrual phase during a Full Moon, this may feel very differently to when this occurs during a New Moon. This is why often the view of how you may feel during a moon phase can be quite different in reality. In my experience, I know if my menstrual cycle occurs during a New Moon, I can feel more tired than normal and need more rest. Whereas if it occurs during a Full Moon, I can feel more emotional, wired and restless (and not at all social!). By knowing this, it helps me to use self-care more effectively. If you would like to know more about the menstrual cycle phases, see my blog post here.

Being aware of the moon cycles and starting to build a picture of how they can impact you physically, mentally and emotionally can really allow you to get to know yourself better and know how to harness the power of the moon phases for work projects, socialising, self-care and much more. If I ever start to feel more intensely tired, emotional, wired or overwhelmed than normal, I always check in with the moon phase (and my menstrual cycle phase) as this can help to explain why I’m feeling things more strongly. Just this acknowledgement can help me feel calmer because it allows me to understand the reasoning behind how I’m feeling and it also helps me to build in more self-care to support myself when I need to.

This is just a basic introduction to the moon and its phases. Each of the 8 phases have a very distinctive vibe and there is plenty more to learn. You may be interested to find out more about the zodiac signs and the moon. It can also be really interesting to find out the moon phase when you were born as there is a theory about how you experience the moon phases based on your natal moon phase.


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