My Rheumatoid Arthritis Story: Surviving to Thriving – Part 3: Holistic Therapies

Rheumatoid Arthritis: autoimmune Surviving to Thriving Part 3 Holistic Therapies

Once I had my new anti-inflammatory diet in place shortly after my diagnosis, I then focused on which holistic therapies would help me to manage my pain, reduce inflammation, increase my energy, avoid medication and help me to heal my body and immune system to start fighting off the constant stream of viruses I was going down with. It has been a gradual process over the last two years as nothing gave a quick fix or cure but each different route provided another piece of the puzzle and helped me in my journey back to wellness without medication.

What helped?

Homeopathy – this has been one of the most effective ways to tackle the myriad of symptoms. I have a range of daily/weekly remedies, which have helped to me build back up my immune system, calm the inflammation and manage my pain, along with some first aid remedies to help me through a bad day or flare up. My homeopath (working alongside the kinesiologist) also treated various bacterial and viral infections that were flagged up in kinesiology sessions, along with carrying out some heavy metal detoxes. EBV/Mono was one of the biggest issues and a big contributor towards my fatigue.

Kinesiology – this has been another very effective treatment and I have actually ended up seeing two kinesiologists as both tackle different areas and they work nicely together. Through kinesiology, I have tested foods and supplements to find out what is best for my body; tested and helped to eradicate bacterial & viral infections and heavy metals which were linked with my RA (alongside the homeopathy) and carried out deep energetic healing.

Reiki – I’ve had reiki for many years and have also gained my reiki 1 and 2 qualification so that I can carry out reiki on myself. Reiki has helped me to find a balance in my body and clear any energetic blockages and trauma, which have been associated with the RA. I found that being able to self-reiki during the early stages of diagnosis, enabled me to feel like I was more in control of the pain and was not helpless.

Cranial osteopathy – this is a very gentle form of osteopathy but has given me a lot of relief over the last few years. At first, I had regular appointments to work on my structure and deep tissue, which gave me relief from my joint pain and the general aching across my shoulders and neck. However, she also tackled various other issues like my stomach pain and discomfort and the after-effects from my stressful job by working on my nervous system to calm everything down. I now only see my osteopath every 6 weeks and this ensures my structure stays in alignment and there are no blocks in the energy and fluid flow around my body.

Aromatherapy – About a year ago, I bought an Organic Aroma’s aromatherapy diffuser. I wanted a diffuser which didn’t use water or heat up the essential oils to ensure that I was getting the most benefit from the oils in their natural state rather than being diluted or chemically altered with heat. I use my diffuser daily, with a selection of essential oils with anti-viral and anti-bacterial oils, which I think has really helped me to avoid catching everything. I also use essentials oils to boost my energy, balance my hormones and relax me, depending on the time of day. I now have their travel diffuser and I use this at work and when I go on holiday.

I think the reason the homeopathy, kinesiology, reiki and osteopathy have made such a difference to my RA is because they are all looking holistically at your body and mind and not just focusing on treating your symptoms. They have all been focused on healing my body and immune system so that it can bring itself back into a state of balance and wellness and I will continue with all of these therapies to help maintain this state. Alongside the physical benefits, they have each given me help to process my emotions on my journey, which I believe has been vital on my road to recovery.

If you are thinking of going down the holistic therapy route, I would definitely check that the therapist you have found has the appropriate qualifications and has had experience with auto-immune conditions.  Most therapies have official websites where you can find a therapist and check if your therapist has the appropriate credentials.  I have also found it useful to get recommendations from therapists about other treatments that might help alongside theirs as that is how I built up my network of holistic support and the fact that most of them know each other is a real bonus as they can work together and complement each other.

If you are interested in finding out more about the effects of bacterial and viral infections, including EBV/Mono, and heavy metals on auto-immune conditions, I would highly recommend the book ‘Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness’ by Anthony William. I found it extremely eye-opening and helpful.

What holistic therapies have you tried that have been successful in helping to manage your chronic illness?

*Please note: I am not a medical professional and I am not suggesting that anyone should give up or alter any dose of medication that they have been prescribed.  I am only talking about my own life experience and explaining what has worked for me.  Please seek appropriate professional medical advice and care.


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  1. Would you say or classify that you had severe RA? Or you don’t know because you caught it right away in the beginning?

    1. Hi Tracey unfortunately, it wasn’t diagnosed right at the beginning. By the time it was diagnosed, the specialist thought I’d had it for a year and a half. It was diagnosed as aggressive RA because of the severe damage I’d already incurred to my joints. X

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