Mixed Media Art for Beginners – 5 ways to add texture using free tools

Mixed Media Art for Beginners bubble wrap stencils stamps gesso 5 ways to add texture using free tools

In the blog post ‘5 ways to start a blank canvas or page’, we looked at adding the first layer of your mixed media canvas/page. We are now going to focus on adding some texture. There are plenty of ways to add texture, using a myriad of expensive tools but I’m going to focus on 5 items you will have around the house for free!

I used one of my pages from the previous post, created using acrylic paint and a brayer, which looked like this:

beginner mixed media background brayer

I then added texture using my 5 different tools:

mixed media art free tools add texture bubble wrap

Tools I used:

– Bubble wrap: I used an ink pad to add ink to the textured side of the bubble wrap and stamped it onto the page. This gives quite a subtle effect. If you want a heavier effect, paint your bubble wrap with acrylic paint and then stamp.

– Jar lids: I used a variety of different sized lids to create the circles on this page by coating the edge in paint and then stamping it onto the page. I love this effect! It doesn’t even matter if the full circle doesn’t come out as this adds a grungy feel to the stamp!

– Pen lids: I created the smaller blue circles using pen lids by coating the end of the lid with paint and then stamping it. Again, these come in all shapes and sizes so you can create lots of different sized circles with these.

– Credit card or gift card (old ones!): I put the edge of the credit card in acrylic paint and then stamped this on to the page or sometimes I drag it across the page for a longer line.

– Plastic fork (given away free with salads!): To create the tiny grey dots on this page, I put the tip of the fork prongs in acrylic paint and then gently stamped these onto the page (using one prong or all prongs for 4 circles in a line). You can also use a fork to drag along the page to create 4 long lines – then, you can cross hatch it by adding more paint and going back over the lines going in the opposite direction. Forks are also great for scratching paint off the page to create another texture. I have so much fun with a free fork!!

What items around the house do you use to add texture to your page? 


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