Create Nourish Inspire Interview: Danielle Rickwood

Create Nourish Inspire Interview: Danielle Rickwood

Create Nourish Inspire Interviews is a blog post series, where I interview people who inspire me because of the way they follow their heart and seek to do what lights them up. I find out more about the journey they have taken and discover how they embrace their creativity, nourish their soul and find peace in everyday life.

This week, I’ve been talking to Danielle Rickwood, founder of ‘Living the Luna Life’ and an Arvigo abdominal massage therapy practictioner. I met Danielle when I was struggling with mentrual cycle issues and her beautiful, healing massages led to a dramatic reduction in pain. She is also a big inspiration to me in the way that she advocates living in harmony with your cycle, which has made a huge difference to my life.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you have created a business doing what lights you up?

Hey Louise, thank you so much for inviting me into this space ♡ A little about me, I am an Abdominal Therapist, specialising in women’s health and wellness, and for over the last 15 years I’ve seen a growing tribe of women, myself included, get on top of a laundry list of common women’s health complaints effecting the reproductive and digestive organs and systems.

Having overcome menstrual and digestive issues that had plagued me since my childhood and my teens it has been incredibly fulfilling to share with others all the knowledge, tools, teachings and training that I have gathered over many years.

Through one on one sessions at my clinic practice as well as through workshops and retreats, I share a unique set of self-care tools that have been helping women shift out of a cycle of pain into a cycle of power. The business has very much organically grown and has its origins deeply rooted in honouring a woman’s intrinsically cyclical nature. It all began over a decade ago following requests from female clients to create a space for us all to gather, to tap into the calming and restorative energies of the moon through meditation, yoga and creative pursuits. This little acorn of an idea has grown into the lifestyle brand – Living the Luna Life™. I feel incredibly lit up knowing that Living the Luna Life helps women build a strong self-care practice that supports and promotes emotional, mental and physical wellbeing working with the unique and powerful gifts found within the menstrual cycle and the moon cycle.

Create Nourish Inspire Interview: Danielle Rickwood

How has your life changed since you decided to do what lights you up and did you have to overcome anything along the way?

Life changed exponentially when I began my journey many moons ago wanting to discover more about ways to naturally restore balance back to my body which had become public enemy number with the havoc it was wreaking. At the time I had little understanding on how my mind, heart and soul would also play a huge part on the road back to health. The journey took me to Australia, leaving family and friends and a steady, secure job and income behind. I was only meant to be away for 2 years, studying a full-time course in nutrition in Sydney. But 14 years later and further studies that took me to The Americas, Asia and Canada, I returned with over a decade worth of experiences and teachings and wanted to share this with as many as possible.

For women it can prove challenging to put yourself first, I include myself in that group. For a long time now, I have been practicing what I like to call graceful assertion. It is neither passive nor aggressive but has a gentle power that honours not just yourself but those around you. It may be challenging for all involved but when the intention is honourable and honouring, positive things evolve as you move forward rather than going around in circles. Living the Luna Life is all about graceful assertion – keeping you informed, inspired and illuminated ♡

Create Nourish Inspire Interview: Danielle Rickwood

How do you nourish your soul in your daily life and does creativity play a part in this?

My soul feels nourished, refreshed and rejuvenated whenever I find myself in nature, with like-minded souls and with all those I connect with through the work I do as a practitioner and with Living the Luna Life. Living the Luna Life offers ample avenues and adventures to explore creatively, to plant ideas and watch them flourish and grow. If I can’t get traditionally creative, I always acknowledge the notion that creating time for myself is an act of creativity, carving out time in the day to stop, climb off the treadmill, take a breath and nourish my soul.

Create Nourish Inspire Interview: Danielle Rickwood

What helps you to find peace in everyday life?

I remind myself that I am enough, that all that I need I already have, and that all that I want to be I already am. The external stuff can either add to that feeling or not, and offers a continual practice in ensuring that we are surrounding ourselves with things/people that nourish us more than they deplete us. I am not a great consumer of ‘things’ but I am definitely a great consumer of life’s experiences, connections and adventures and this helps me hugely as I travel a lot for work and good memories and good times are far lighter to pack and carry!

Create Nourish Inspire Interview: Danielle Rickwood

What piece of advice would you give to people going through a tough time or struggling with their health?

Get clarity on the issue. Ask questions, feel informed and therefore empowered to make the decisions that feel right to you. Do not feel pushed or blind-sided into anything that does not feel right. I always encourage clients to sit with the information and facts presented, to understand the options available. Look at ways to support the mind and body naturally even if your decision will include more medical approaches. Reach out to others, a trusted person you know or a practitioner who can offer support and guidance to help you move forward. At the end of the day follow your gut. Never have I heard anyone say ‘I followed my gut and it was the worst decision ever.’ In fact, quite the opposite tends to be the case, ‘I wish I had trusted my gut, my intuition.’ So, go with your gut, your instincts!

Who or what inspires you?

Nature is my church! It inspires me hugely. It offers graceful reminders when it comes to the art of patience with a newly planted seed; the need for perseverance, observing an ant carrying 10-50 x its body weight will help with that; the beauty of living cyclically and seasonally, we all require time to rest, to renew, to rejoice, to retreat as beautifully seen through the changing seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. I am always left in awe by natures often unsung teachings.

If you could make one profound difference in people’s lives, what would it be?

More green time. Less screen time. To continue to create and champion a time and space where people can enjoy offline experiences with real life connection and interaction with others, with nature, with the world around them to feel connected beyond technology and what the digital world offers. Where all the senses can be engaged, creativity can be explored and the fullness of our human experience can be soaked up to the point of overflow…. 

Thank you so much Danielle ; it’s really inspirational to hear your passion for living in harmony with our cycle and making time for self-care.

If you would like to find out more about Danielle’s work, visit her website, or connect with Danielle on Facebook or Instagram. Danielle has kindly given me a code to share with you for £10 off a first consultation booked in 2019 – just quote TAMO19 (no affiliation – just a nice treat!).

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