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How to work with the moon phases

How to work with the moon phases

The next post in my Inspire series is about working with the moon phases. The moon goes through 8 phases in each cycle, which is roughly 4 weeks long. As the ebb and flow of the moon can have an impact on our mood, energy levels, emotions and much more, it is a really good practice to gently track the moon so that you can work with the energy of the moon phases and help to understand how it impacts you.

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Inspire: How to harness the power of  living with your cycle

Inspire: How to harness the power of living with your cycle

The next post in my Inspire series is about cyclical living. Living cyclically means living in harmony with our natural cycle and the cycles of the moon. Recently, I have discovered the huge benefits in cyclical living, along with abdominal massage therapy, in helping me to overcome some challenging menstrual cycle pain and to embrace the rhythm of my cycle.

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Inspire: How to celebrate and honour being unique

Inspire: How to celebrate and honour being unique

The next post in the Inspire series is about celebrating your unique self. I want to encourage you to take a minute today to celebrate and honour the beautiful vessel that is your body. Our bodies work so hard for us and often all we do is focus on what we’re not happy with.

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Inspire: How to focus on what you can control

Inspire: How to focus on what you can control

The next post in the Inspire series is about control and responsibility. ‘The one thing you can control is your reaction’ is such a powerful message. Often, in the past, I have thought it is incredible difficult to control my reaction, particularly in situations which result in strong emotions. However, I have recently been working on this as a way of helping to lower my stress levels.

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Inspire: How to find peace and guard it

Inspire: How to find peace and guard it

Our next topic for the Inspire series is Peace. ‘Choose peace and fiercely guard it’ has become an important affirmation for me over the past couple of years. I have found that by making peace my priority – happiness and contentment come much more easily as I had a realisation that in order to feel happy, I needed to be at peace. I also re-evaluated my definition of success and moved away from the idea that in order to be a success I had to be constantly busy and stressed and that actually for me, having peace of mind was a huge success and largely benefited my health, wellness and wellbeing.

There have been many opportunities to put this into practice:

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Inspire: How to harness your bravery

Inspire: How to harness your bravery

In the next Inspire series post, we are looking at bravery. ‘You are strong. You are brave. You can do this’ has been my mantra for a long time. There are times in everyone’s lives when we have to step outside of our comfort zone or cope with something which seems too big. I use this mantra in times of fear and overwhelm.

In times of fear, it is easy to take the safe option or to run in the other direction but this often leaves you in exactly the same place as before and can result in you feeling disappointed and frustrated. It’s at exactly this point when you need to remind yourself of how strong and brave you really are deep down (because it’s at this time when you don’t believe it). Think of all the times you’ve faced your fears and summoned all your bravery and strength and taken that step out of your comfort zone to use as evidence. I often find repeating this mantra really helps to change my mindset and get in touch with the inner strength and bravery that we all innately have. Even though it’s often very hard and uncomfortable, by facing the fear or taking that step (or nudge!) outside of your comfort zone, it can move you forward and take you to a different place and the feeling afterwards is almost euphoric because you did it! Be sure to take a moment to acknowledge how well you did.

On the flip side, if you don’t manage to face the fear this time, be kind with yourself and don’t berate yourself. If it does feel too much and too difficult, I often try to make the situation more manageable in some way to help reduce my fear and make it seem less daunting in my mind. This could involve taking someone with you, having a pre-agreed leaving time so you know the end is in sight, agreeing to try something for half an hour and then deciding whether you want to stay or whatever makes it more manageable for you, depending on the situation.

You can do this motivational inspirational positive affirmation A5 print

The other times I use this mantra is during times of overwhelm. We’ve all been in a situation where something feels too big to get through or too hard to deal with. For me, this was the diagnosis of my chronic illness, which at the time seemed huge and life changing and far too much to deal with. However, once the initial shock wore off, I remembered that I had already faced many things in my life which proved that I was very brave and very strong and that I could actually do this and fight it positively and with strength. There will always be bad days when we doubt ourselves and feel overwhelmed, but I find by encouraging a change in our mindset and using a mantra to remind us of the truth, we can start to embody those feelings of strength and bravery.

What little steps can you take to step out of your comfort zone by harnessing your bravery and strength?


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Inspire: How to show yourself compassion and kindness

Inspire: How to show yourself compassion and kindness

In the first post in the Inspire series, we are looking at self-kindness and compassion. It’s so easy in in day to day life, especially when you’re going through a tough time, to be very hard on yourself and to treat yourself badly. We wouldn’t dream of speaking to friends and family in this way, but we happily do it to ourselves. 

We have too high expectations on ourselves at times, again, probably much higher than what we would expect of others.

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